powerhouse NOUN a person or thing having great energy or power.

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  • Powerhouse — or Power House may refer to:* Power station, a facility for the generation of electric power * The Power House , a 1916 novel by John Buchan * Powerhouse (comics), the name of several fictional characters in the Marvel Comics Universe *… …   Wikipedia

  • powerhouse — pow‧er‧house [ˈpaʊəhaʊs ǁ ˈpaʊr ] noun [countable] an organization that produces a lot of ideas or activity, and has a lot of power or influence in its field: • He wanted to turn the securities firm into a Wall Street powerhouse. * * * powerhouse …   Financial and business terms

  • powerhouse — 1881, building where power is generated, from POWER (Cf. power) (n.) + HOUSE (Cf. house) (n.). Figurative sense is from 1915 …   Etymology dictionary

  • powerhouse — ☆ powerhouse [pou′ər hous΄ ] n. 1. a building where electric power is generated 2. Informal a powerful person, team, etc …   English World dictionary

  • powerhouse — [[t]pa͟ʊə(r)haʊs[/t]] powerhouses 1) N COUNT A powerhouse is a country or organization that has a lot of power or influence. ...Shanghai, China s industrial powerhouse. 2) N COUNT If you say that someone is a powerhouse, you mean that they are… …   English dictionary

  • powerhouse — UK [ˈpaʊə(r)ˌhaʊs] / US [ˈpaʊrˌhaʊs] noun [countable] Word forms powerhouse : singular powerhouse plural powerhouses informal 1) a person or thing that has a lot of strength or energy The Internet is becoming a commercial powerhouse. 2) something …   English dictionary

  • powerhouse — noun Date: circa 1889 1. a. power plant 1 b. a source of influence or inspiration 2. one having great power < an economic powerhouse >: as a. one having great drive, energy, or ability < a powerhouse rock band > b. an athletic team characterized… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • powerhouse — pow|er|house [ˈpauəhaus US ˈpaur ] n informal 1.) an organization or place where there is a lot of activity or where a lot of things are produced ▪ Europe s industrial powerhouse 2.) someone who is very strong or has a lot of energy ▪ a… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • powerhouse — noun (C) informal 1 an organization or place that produces a lot of ideas and has a lot of influence: In the 60s, MIT was an intellectual powerhouse. 2 someone who is very strong and has a lot of energy: a powerhouse of a man …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • powerhouse — n. a very big strong person, usually a male. □ Ted is a real powerhouse. I’d hate to have him mad at me. □ Each member of the football team is a powerhouse …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

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